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Big Pitcher – Star Lounge – Rooftop, Sizzlers and More!

Foodie that I am, I can’t keep my hungry tongue and fiddly diddly toes in the gym for long. I need to have my cheats occasionally. On one of these cheat days, I decided to visit and eat out at The Star Lounge, Big Pitcher, Bangalore and I ate till I found myself in a situation of can’t-move-open-the-damn-buttons-of-the-pants.

Big Pitcher has some 5 floors, each one quite unique ranging from pubs to hukkah place to nice romantic rooftop dining.
Do you love to Dine in Style? Looking for a Premium Dine-Out for a Romantic evening with Candle Light Dinner, under the Moon Light with fresh air brushing across you as you enjoy Bangalore’s best Sizzlers, Grill and Steak – then you must check out Big Pitcher’s very own Roof Top Restaurant – STAR LOUNGE!
Here, the music is soft, food classy, ambience romantic and your experience wonderful!

I loved how the place was lit up and how the aroma of sizzlers consumed me as soon as I stepped in. The candlelit tables and wine and light music make for the perfect setting, however if you are a beer person, you’d be delighted because they serve some lip-smacking beers from their own brewery!
I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the Head Chef and having some uhhh-mazingggg recipes concocted for me!

My friend and I started off with some Nachos (excellent when paired with beer!!) – crisp and yum! Once I start eating, there is no break so I followed up them Nachos with some Grilled Prawns and I tell you I could have had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They were so juicy and grilled to perfection!
I had some Chicken Ghee Roast, some Malai Mutton Chops (I had had them for the first time, and they were an in-house favourite). I am salivating as I write about it. Who knows I might just go there for the prawns and malai mutton chops tonight!! *wink*

The Chef was kind enough to make me some Thai Chicken Curry which was soooooooooooooooooo good that I got a separate portion packed as well! At this point, I was already full but how could I leave without trying the sizzler, and so to justify my visit to a place that serves absolutely delish sizzlers, I ate some sizzler too! No regrets there *giggle*
Since desserts go to the heart and not the tummy, followed all that up with some Chocolate dessert – Naked Chocolate Fantasy and Double Baked Caramel Cheesecake, each as good as the other!

So, ultimately, I ate to my heart’s content and I convinced my heart that since everything is grilled, it’s all good! 😀 But honestly, brilliant ambience, brilliant beer and brilliant food! Would definitely recommend it to you all! 😊
Here are few pictures of the food to give you an idea and make you salivate 😛
Enjoy! Till the next time, tadaaaaaa!

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