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The Banjara Series!

Hello everyone,

How are you guys doing? I hope you’re kicking some ass out there! 😉
First of all, we’d like to thank each one of you for the constant support and love that you shower on us. Any of this wouldn’t have been possible without your continuous motivation. It pushes us to work harder and deliver better work.
This blog is basically a detailed extension to our recent “Banjara Series” that we did during our staycation in Lucknow, the city of nawabs. (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it here).

Coming back to the “Banjara Series”, you have loved the looks Diksha and I created while in Lucknow and it urged us to actually write a full fledged fashion blog post with the necessary details about the looks and the whole idea behind it.
Banjara (बंजारा) is a Hindi word which is used for nomadic people, who roam around living here and there, with no permanent house.  They are sort of vagabonds.
The banjara tribes are believed to be descendants of the Roma gypsies of Europe who migrated through the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, to settle down in the deserts of Rajasthan and other states in India long long ago. Their way of living is quite thrilling and full of adventures. Vibrant colours of clothes with lots of accessories come to our mind when we hear about Banjaras, the well known tribe of India for their colorful costumes. This tribe has always inspired us to explore & experiment in terms of Fashion and its them who filled in us the extreme love for silver jewelry and everything raw.

For those of you who’ve been following Diksha for a while now would be well acquainted with how perfectly she rules the Banjara look. She identifies herself as a Banjara and even has a tattoo that says so.  I have always looked up to her when it comes to this particular styling and always wanted to experiment with it. Hence, we decided to do a “Banjaran Series” together and create something interesting, and guess we were pretty successful in creating so, judging the number of compliments we received. (How sweet you people can be, we love you!)

So we picked two different looks- one that was more ethnic with a touch of boho while other one being a little contemporary and modern mix. We had a lot of fun shooting both these looks with Shubham, who is not just a brilliant photographer, but an amazing host with a warm heart, an incredible singer and a hell of a cook! Do hit him up if you’re in his city. He shan’t disappoint. 🙂

Back to the shoot, we were parading the streets of Lucknow as if we owned them, gathering lots of attention all the while too. Can’t say we didn’t enjoy it! We found some amazing markets and scenic locations to shoot at. a very kind man also welcomed us into his antique home and offered spaces in there to shoot!

The other shoot we did in the beautiful Lebua Lucknow, details of which have been linked above.

Look 1

Outfit Details:

Shivani – A plain yellow midi dress from Auruhfy, kantha dupatta, belt from Stalk buy love and boots from Catwalk

Diksha – Crop top from Shein, wraparound skirt ( street shopping ), kantha dupatta again and jewelry from Adorn by Nikita.

Look 2

Outfit Details

Diksha – Shirt from Shoppers Stop, Lehenga skirt (stitched), jewelry from AdornbyNikita

Shivani – Tie top from Missamore, Palazzos from Fab India, jewelry from AdornbyNikita

All pictures have been clicked by our absolute favorite Lalaji – Shubham! Tell us which look you loved the most through comments and tell us if there’s anything you wish to know or want us to write about.

Hope you loved it. 🙂



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