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Ever thought of putting your passion to use?
Solitary endeavors, though fulfilling, can be so drab.
So yes, it takes two.
Best friends live off each other, that’s a given, so it just seemed so natural that we did this blog together, like an extension of our lives and penchant for all things incredible.
How often do you randomly go vacationing with “the best friend” and you just know you have to own a personal, sacred space where you can just blabber generously on mastered playgrounds of FFT ( fashion, food and travel)?
The very mention makes us want to write so evocatively.
God how long were these bottled up inside?
Having an undying and ethereal love for fashion, the travel junkies with taste buds that could build third world orgasms are here to take blogging to a LIT level.
Voila, you’re in for a great ride. Stay tuned!  😀


_ Diksha & Shivani